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Residential | Flooring
Residential Flooring & Interiors

Smart sellers understand that home value is affected by more than just the initial visual and must stand the test of the detailed inspection by prospective buyers. Is the space visually inviting and does it have tactile appeal.

Are the color and material qualities stylistically flexible or are they restrictive. Most importantly, can the prospective buyer look past your home décor and see their own in the space. Smart sellers take all of these considerations into account when choosing which aspects to renovate to maximize home sale appeal at the lowest cost possible.

While upgrading with the right flooring is by far the most cost effect way to increase your home’s interior appeal and sales value, knowing the right flooring to use in terms of aesthetics, comfort, usage, durability and price point is the tricky part.

Residential | Flooring

At Park Rug, we know flooring. We know the market, the trends and the reliable value boosters and can help guide your flooring decision in the right direction.


For Qualified Residential applicants, Park Rug offers 24 month interest free financing of your flooring and Installation purchase. If you are looking for a sale prep renovation with the lowest upfront expense, ask us about our 24 month Interest free financing program.

How You Benefit

Residential | Flooring
Free On Site Inspection
To help you get the most from your investment, Park Rug offers free On Site Inspections & Estimates. We travel to your client's home to examine the project space, understand the design goals, refine the usage specifications, establish budget requirements, and measure for material requirements.

Residential | Flooring
Free Selection & Design Services

If you know exactly what you want, we will match the specific product from your chosen flooring manufacturer.

If you are undecided about the material specifics, we can help you choose from thousands of traditional and exotic samples in our design showrooms. We even offer professional in-house design services if you would like design assistance

Free Price Estimate

At Park Rug we don’t “guesstimate” and we don’t try to sell you the “daily special”. Your project is as important to us as it is to you and we want the numbers to be right. You can be confident that your free estimate is a fit to your flooring project with no hidden yardage, delivery, or installation costs. We want your flooring decision to be a “surprise free” one.

Competetive Pricing Policy

If you have been shopping around and are concerned about getting the best price on your project, then you really should choose Park Rug. Just bring us any competitor’s written estimate and we will meet or beat their pricing. Get the best price along with award-winning customer relations and installation services - you can’t go wrong.

Professional Installation

We supervise each installation from start to finish. Our flooring installers are certified professionals with years of experience and a proven track record of quality work. When you choose Park Rug for your flooring project, you benefit.

  • - Free Take-Up of Existing Flooring
  • - Certified Professional Installation
  • - Free Project Cleanup
  • - Final Walk Through Inspections
  • - Free Off-Site Disposal

Next Day, Same Day Installation

Depending on your material selection, Park Rug can offer Guaranteed Next Day, Same Day and Saturday Installations at no extra charge. If it’s in stock, consider it installed.


Green Friendly

Can your flooring be attractive, cost effective and environmentally friendly?  Yes, It can! 

We are a green company.  We understand that this is our only home, and to keep it healthy requires that we keep it clean. We actively take part in flooring recycling programs with our manufacturers and bring all old flooring back to our facility for breakdown at our recycling center.  Your old and salvage materials won’t go to some unsightly land fill. Once separated, we ship all materials off to industry recyclers for re-entry into the flooring lifecycle.

Just ask us how we can help you help to keep our planet clean.


The Anso® nylon brand rests high atop five pillars of distinction that no other fiber brand could rest upon. Each pillar is stacked on a firm foundation of style, design, advanced technology and over 40 years of vested equity. Anso® nylon brand features CARPET TO CARPET™ Technology — It never needs to go to a landfill.


Mohawk's SmartStrand is a revolutionary carpet fiber that performs better than traditional nylon and other fibers. The fiber’s molecular makeup provides permanently engineered-in stain resistance that will never wash or wear off, and has excellent durability and colorfast properties. SmartStrand comes with a Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty.


Type 6 nylon, a recyclable carpet fiber, is collected and recycled at Shaw’s Evergreen Nylon Recycling facility in Augusta, Georgia. At this largest of its kind facility, Shaw employs patented technology to convert post-consumer nylon carpet into the raw materials to make Nylon 6. Shaw recycles existing Anso Nylon carpet into new carpet, making Anso Nylon an ideal solution for healthy environments in your home and out in the world.


Eco-Worx, another member of the Shaw Green initiative, is made from 100% recyclable materials, is PVC free and fiberglass reinforced. With an easy-to-install design and a performance pre-coat for maximum tuft bind & moisture resistance, Eco-Worx carpet tiles offer superior delamination and edge ravel strength compared to PVC. Eco-Worx can be fully recycled into more Eco-Worx.